Wednesday 22 August 2012

Having a quiet day.

Strictly by necessity, but still not such a bad thing.

Legs of jelly and lead, and a brain not that much better-placed: I was barely awake and functional enough to let my cleaner in.   I was asleep about ten minutes later, and didn't hear her leave.

Things done today, minimal.  A few postings to a support group, a checking of e-mails, and here.
Apart from aching, of course, when not asleep.  I'm not sure if that counts as something done.  It was certainly something happening.
(Not severe or agonizing, just "there".)
No TV watching, no gardening, no model railway work, no DIY, no Skype conversations, no paperwork or housework.

It's a significant price, for an hour or so with a visitor and some serious conversation.

Here's hoping I'll be "paid up" by tomorrow, so I can run a more normal(!?) five minutes  out of sixty activity pattern.
But no point in bemoaning or ranting if I can't: expensive luxuries, those.

And I'm most decidedly on a budget.

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