Wednesday 29 August 2012

Tuesday 28th August. Missing in inaction.

This is starting to get silly.
I only just managed to get up, washed, dressed and rested in time to take delivery of the week's groceries and household stuff, ordered on-line and turning up at noon.
(without modern buying on-line I would have needed at least a part-time carer some time ago.)
Accepting the delivery and putting it away are separate five-minute activities (exception for the frozen stuff), needing, and it was needing, two more hours of rest.

And a bit more.
I am definitely going to push(!?) for maximum rest for the remainder of the week to see if I can't get the right side of this fatigue.

Nothing happened, then nothing happened again, and the two were so close together that they almost seemed one non-event.
Spike Milligan would have understood.

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