Saturday 22 September 2012

And the results of the experiment, Doctor?

I left the house today.  Not counting making it the few steps to the garden, for the first time in three weeks.

I needed one or two things from the village shop, and, not feeling dreadful this morning it seemed worth checking for a benchmark.

I drove the car 200 yards down the hill, bought four items, and drove the 200 yards back.  Ten minutes, fifteen at most.
Legs were shaky in the shop, and I needed about three hours of rest once I got back, with not too much longer-term ache etc., that I've noticed so far: tomorrow morning may be the decider on that.

Good, and not so good.
I want to be able on rare occasion to go into town and do a few things, that can't be delegated or done on-line.  About an hour, maybe ninety minutes.
It looks as though that's going to be possible as things stand,
(and not as things fall over)
an hour "down-time" or rest is again coming out about right, for every five minutes of activity, but best done for every hour, not stored up.
Ninety minutes out is going to take two days to recover from, at least, assuming I'm doing essentially nothing for that time.
A fair old price.

And about the same as the last time I tried this.
Not much better, not much worse.

The game continues...

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