Tuesday 18 September 2012

Phineas Fogg and I...

...both saved a day by travelling around the world east to west.
In my case I  had two November 23rds, but the advantage was not that great as a fair proportion of the notional extra day was spent flying across the Pacific and queueing at LAX, Los Angeles international airport.

Today, however, I  have pretty much lost a day.
After a run of nights of poor sleep, common in Asperger's and CFS both,  I took one-quarter of a dose of the sleeping tablets I have been prescribed for such occasions.
I got the sleep, and woke up two hours later than I usually do, and have been completely doped up for the rest of the day.
I looked uncomprehendingly at the makings of breakfast, and managed to make two pieces of toast instead of my usual one.
Taking my morning meds was a major task.  It took me three goes to arrive at the correct total of pills (8) without worrying too much if that contained examples of all the types required.

And so very much back to bed.
I was asleep when my week's groceries arrived at noon, and was not roused by my doorbell, but fortunately I did respond to the driver calling my phone.

This has taken quite a while to type as I'm making a lot more errors, and I'm slower to  correct them, than is usual.
All from 7.5mg of Mirtazapine.
Effective, but I won't want to be doing that too often.
Finding a sleep-aid that is effective without laving me dead the next day remains something of a problem.

Mind struggling, now: bed is calling.
On a positive note, as the CFS goes, decidedly a restful day.
I always said being put in a coma for a couple of years might be the best move.

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