Tuesday 6 November 2012

I see, I see.

In particular I've been seeing marginal hallucinations.

No panic: I've had them before though not with this frequency, and I know exactly what they are and what they mean.
Little ghost flickers at the edge of my vision means I am very, very tired.
I've only been there one or twice before: when backpacking, many years ago, and during a marked bout of lack of sleep when I had a chest infection and was coughing all night for several nights.   So having them now means the price for doing Halloween was even higher than I had expected.   Oh well.  
Nothing much to do now till Christmas, anyway, and it looks like "doing nothing much" is going to be the campaign objective!

Apart from these little ghostly companions, (who may be leaving me today: they seem to be less frequent) everything aches spectacularly. Who's a silly (or obstinate) boy, then?

If I don't get some improvement in the next couple of days, I'll have to go for *really* minimal activity for a few days to see if I can get inside the fatigue loop.  I've pencilled in a plan and timetable.  We'll see how things are by Thursday or Friday...    Not so much life in the fast lane, more life on the hard shoulder, with a puncture.

Mood holding up (touching on highly amused at my own absurd and pathetic state, at times, and if it works I ain't going to knock it just for now.)

And so to bed.

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