Thursday 22 November 2012

Not once a day, yet.

Still working on getting back up to daily posts.
Yesterday I made it to the local post office in order to send off a parcel of Christmas cards to my parents in France so they can fill them in and send them off to all their friends and contacts.
This sort of thing never used to be a job: I'd do it in passing while heading somewhere else.
Now it's laid me out, inactive for most of Wednesday and much of today.  A different scale of things.

Never mind... (If I starting minding this stuff I'd go completely doolally, so a policy decision was been made, some time ago.)

Meanwhile, I think that leaves just one more trip to the post office before Christmas.   The hiding in the bunker from the Christmas bombardment will start earlier than usual this year, is all.

The Christmas train will be ready.  On that I am determined.
A trivial objective, perhaps, but better than none at all.  
And quite big enough, looking at things from my current scale of disposable energy budget.

After that, we'll see.  Three or four bigger things drift immediately to mind, but I'm likely to need help with them all.  Inquiring after that may be the next project, in itself.

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