Sunday 18 November 2012

It's alright, you haven't missed much.

Neither have I, it seems.
I'm having trouble realising it's has been a week since I posted anything, but so little has happened in terms of productive activity or events, and so much time spent horizontal and inactive I'm sure I've lost a day or two, somewhere, and I would have been stretched to find something distinctive to say about each day.

I think I will try a change of routine, and aim to put in a blog entry at the beginning of the day: I am usually functional, for some values of functional, at breakfast just as the first mug of coffee starts to hit the system (assuming I have not made it without coffee, or using cold water, or any of the other oh-so-possible CSF brainfog errors.)

To bring up to date: my Christmas will be alone as both parents have been cleared to travel to New Zealand, neither health scare being anything like as bad is it appeared.   This is undoubtedly the best option with things as they are.

I did manage a trip in to town on Tuesday, the one I knew was unavoidable.  I was losing so much energy trying to find a taxi company that could take my booking that I gave up and drove.
The driving was not the problem, even though I was beginning to ache coming back.  Walking just a few yards was, the discomfort building up rapidly.  But I am now fixed for not having to leave the house for months, if need be, though Wednesday and Thursday were pretty much "do nothing" days as a result.

Now for more rest, and I'm still waiting to hear from my occupational therapist...
No real plan for next week.  Catching up on some e-mails and forum postings would be good.  It's not exactly "conquer Everest", is it?   But reality is trumps so I shall have to see what is possible.

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