Monday 17 December 2012

A whole two weeks, and more.

Or should that be "a state of abandonment"?

I keep looking at the shortcut button for the blog, and realising I just don't have the energy to produce anything worth recording or reading.

But it's not abandoned, and I want to get back to it... today, if this counts.
I made my final Christmas trip beyond the front door on Saturday: the last thing that had to be posted at the local village shop and post office. That left me *really* exhausted for the rest of Saturday, and Sunday.

I don't expect to leave the house again until some time in the New Year.  I have two Tesco deliveries coming before Christmas, so I'l be fine, or fine enough given the circumstances.
(Yes, very much the "better 'ole" principle.)

Having visitors staying would be disastrous.  I'd try too hard to interact when I should be crashed out resting.

The Christmas train (or loco) is running well.  More reliable in its adjusted version than previous outings.  Easier on the batteries too.

In the window there is a bit more distance between the cliffs.

At least six Santas still standing , at this point.

With added ceramic Christmas tree (with lights) in my kitchen window.

Job done.

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