Thursday 29 November 2012

A whole weak.

This is still not working well.  No, I'm not dangerously ill, and no, depression and low mood is not making any sort of comeback, but just the routine of getting through the day is leaving me so little spare that coming here to write is getting left behind (a couple of other internet support groups I find valuable are suffering similarly).  Rest, I always seem to need more rest.  Because my muscles get tired and ache.  Even just sitting.  Holding a magazine for more than a few minutes starts to pull on the biceps and forearms.

But I'm still here.  Still keeping going even if the world continues to shrink a little bit smaller.  And it's nearly Christmas. I must remember to have Christmas.
I will have a Christmas window.  Train is very nearly operational, problems nibbled at a few minutes at a time. Photos in due course.

OK.  Now let's see if I can't be a little more regular. Something happening in life to report might be good.  if other than dire events!

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