Thursday 1 November 2012

So here we are.

I woke up this morning and, just for a moment, thought I'd got away with it.  Then I moved.  The new data flooding in required an instant and major reappraisal of the situation.

It felt as though I was wearing a suit of armour.  Someone else's from the fit and comfort level.  Impressive levels of ache and fatigue.

By mid morning the issue of the armour not being a good fit was being sorted out with large hammers.  While I was still wearing it.

But I get the Halloween train running satisfactorily, just in time.  And Dracula rose from his coffin to order, reliably.

The only real change for this year was added UV light and UV paint highlights, though that was effective.

But the rain wasn't too severe, a good number of visitors came by, and I got some shrieks and some smiles.  Which as far as I'm concerned is what it's all about.

I ache, I'm exhausted and I'm grinning.   In an odd way, I think I now understand Olympic athletes a bit better.  Why for them it's  all "worth it."
I wonder if they would equally understand the odd reason why I've had that insight.

So here I am with a fraction over a month to get the Christmas train operational.  Christmas to be spent alone... I couldn't cope with company.   But I'll cope.

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  1. How did I miss this earlier! Fantastic! Do you put it in your window for others to see?

    Best wishes now for getting the Christmas training on the rails...

    Sally (aka Keela Too ;) )