Tuesday 20 November 2012

But I've missed one, already.

I'm not sure what happened to Monday.  It was mostly horizontal, and and fatigue-laden, though I hadn't really done anything.

Certainly no progress on the Christmas train, or even anything as marginally active as watching TV.  Just a "routine maintenance day", then, though I at least kept up with incoming e-mails, so the backlog is no bigger.

Today includes the weekly highlight of having groceries delivered, and with the time being a little uncertain I will probably get ten minutes in the kitchen to work on Christmas, through being downstairs ready.

That'll be about it for today, I think!
Oh, apart from thinking: can't help but do  lot of that.   I've designed half-a dozen ingenious model railway layouts in my head, though of even one of them gets built I'll be a bit surprised.  
Getting one or more out onto the exhibition circuit would be an ambition: I can hold on to a ghost of that as being a bit this side of total fantasy given, say, five years.    I'd need to be at least that (reliably) fit, before I can think about getting back to working  with children and teenagers on the autistic spectrum.  Being able to manage my garden would be another benchmark.

Not this year.   "Dig in and hold on" is more the plan for the next few months.

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