Monday 29 October 2012

I Didn't Reckon On This

A level of fatigue where even keeping up a blog is a challenge requiring a distinct proportion of a day's concentration and energy.

As is just keeping a nice warming and relaxing fire going in a stove.
Or getting washed, or dressed.

Everything has to be on the ration
"There's a war on, you know!"
except collapsing to the horizontal,
and even there there's often a minor "police action" to get the brain to stay quiet.

No panic.
Apart from anything else  I've never worked out what actual use panic is.  Give me a reason and I might go there.   Until then it seems both pointless and exhausting.

Halloween should be OK to do, and I've already decided to take the reaction cost for that.  Bad behaviour as policy, once in a while.

The previous train is out of the window, and as a start the chapel, zombies and a UV light are in.  I'll finish that tomorrow, and rest up all Wednesday (no, not in a coffin) until it gets dark...

Thursday will see me lurching around like a half-decomposed zombie.
What the heck.

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