Friday 19 October 2012

A distinct hiatus.

.. as one or two people have kindly contacted me to point out.

Yes, it has been the CFS interfering with me writing about my life with CFS.  In some respects an eloquent silence.

Again, I'm feeling like the bar has been lowered on me, once more.

My jelly legs have spread to my arms and my... torso
I'm also noticing a new form of vertigo sensation. Nothing too severe or debilitating, but it's a short jerky feeling as of a small boat in a chop, and most apparent when I'm sitting down. Odd.

Whatever I try, I don't seem to be able to get enough rest to quieten things down to my "normal" state of CFS as of few weeks ago. And this is with my low level of activities scaled back, and no wild (eg to ASDA) outside  expeditions.
Thinking is pretty clear, but in under five minutes with a craft-sized paint brush my hand begins to shake.  This is new, and not good.
(I'm finishing off the Christmas present for New Zealand two minutes at a time.  It's almost done, thank goodness.  I'm pretty happy with that.)

I need my occupational therapist back, but I have no date for that, as she's still ill! (no, not with CFS.)

Yes, I'm eating,
yes I'm up on vitamins,
yes, I've been getting a ration of sunshine.
My sleep is varying from no worse to slightly better than usual, so no obvious culprits anywhere there to deal with.

Given that, and no immediate action to take,
(My GP is aware, but it's not clear there is anything he can do.)
I'll just be crouching down in my foxhole for a while.

As for mood, it appears to be  holding out.  An odd sort of mix of Buddhist calm and Norse fatalism, I think.

I will try to be more regular in signalling that I'm still here.
Not that I'm likely to be going anywhere!

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