Monday 22 October 2012

Sense of humour: intact.

Norse fatalism:  going strong
Buddhist detachment and calm: holding out so far.

And there's food in the cupboards, fuel in the garage, and water coming out of the taps (only when turned on).

I'm just taking a quick stock of resources since things aren't getting any better from the new low, and a bit of siege mentality maybe required.

Today I made a cardboard box.  Custom, to fit one-third of the goodies going off to New Zealand.   That was about it for accomplishments above and beyond daily necessities.
Not down to zero yet, but the "I did it"s are getting measured in very small increments, now.

And just looking at the Halloween train reminds me how much better I was twelve months ago, and how much I could do.
But I am determined not to give up on that, or on doing my part for Halloween.
And determination is a sort of short-term resource, though that has to be paid for several times over, if spent.

Which leaves one more.  I could always get angry.  Very good for a short burst of activity when all else has failed, but I suspect the price would come even higher than for cold, determined effort.
Let's leave that one in last reserve.  Very last reserve.

Zaphod Beeblebrox: "Ford, how many escape capsules are there?" 
Ford Prefect: "None." 
Zaphod: "Did you count  them? 
Ford: "Twice."

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