Friday 26 October 2012

Bumping along the bottom.

And occasionally the bottom gives way.

I'm still running on this new, lower, level of capacity and higher level of fatigue.  I'm curious about that, but not in a position to get excited about it.

I did get news from the ME services, today.  My occupational therapist should be able to come to see me in about three weeks...  or so.
(It'll all be over by Christmas?)

Still Halloween unfinished... that should be the priority for tomorrow, I think.
("Don't you just love it when a plan falls apart?" as Hannibal Smith never had to say in the A-Team.)  
Perhaps I'll light the stove in the kitchen to keep me there for more of the day.   That could work.    

I've not really got any longer term plans except the vague strategic aim of digging in and surviving, by whatever means come to hand.
I may need something more if I'm likely to be stacking up a couple more years of this at the least (rough estimate).  Something else to ponder during horizontal quiet times, but at first thought I'm not sure i have anything obvious to plan for.   Yes, that does need *more* thought.

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