Monday 1 October 2012

A nice, quiet, day.

Or is that more accurate without the commas?

A load of washing done,
and bedclothes changed (in one day, if three sessions),
and experimentation proved that my lazy idea for working on the Christmas present for New Zealand was extremely sound (the right material, one I've not used before).
I said a couple of things useful and a couple of things amusing in my  on-line support groups, judging by the responses.

That was a day's full, basically.
Feeling quite good, to be honest, I went for a deliberate measure of "don't push it", except I may have overdone the wielding of a Stanley knife.  The state of my hands and shoulders tomorrow will inform me, I'm sure.

For tomorrow, I just have to keep slots free for receiving and putting away my groceries.
Little things in a small world.  But's that's the budget I'm on.
"Reality is trumps".

Sometime this week the winter's solid-fuel is arriving: nets of logs and bags of smokeless anthracite.  Getting that put away will need to be spread over at least several days.
More of a strategic task!?

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