Wednesday 24 October 2012

I left the house today...

An expedition.  All the way to the village shop and back.  Wow.

"There and back again"
It takes a fair need to get me out of the house these days.
Not that I'm so attached to my place, or fear outside.  It's just that it takes so much energy, which I don't really have to spare.

However.  I made the other cardboard boxes today.  And addressed them.  The Christmas present for New Zealand could be finally be sent.
Only about a year behind the original schedule.   It was worth the excessive effort, as measured against my daily budget, to see that task done.  
If I've calculated correctly I'll just be a bit rough tomorrow, and back to whatever is currently counting for normal by Friday.
That's for noting, as it will feed into plans for going all the way (eight miles) to town somewhen between now and Christmas.  That's going to cost days...
Best done just after the week's food has arrived, I think, or I may not be in a state to order or unload the same.

These little molehills trying to act like mountains.

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