Tuesday 9 October 2012

"I've got a bad feeling about this"

Not a desperately bad feeling, but I'm aching more despite having done less in the last couple of days.  Has the bar been lowered on my again?

I'm aiming for a very quiet and inactive week (measured as against my usual quiet and inactive weeks!) and I'll see what results.

Observation from today records that running my stove in the lounge does take a very significant proportion of my day's activity ration, but in compensation it provides a very warm and comforting environment to crash out and fall asleep in.  Real flames and the Stirling engine "Heat Wave" fan on the stove-top circulating a nice gentle warm breeze.

Apart from that, and accepting the week's groceries, very little physically active happened today.  My mid is being kept from vegetating by occasional forays to support groups on the internet, and also, a new diversion, the feedback pages of the Times of India.  Some real culture shock and new perspectives on India, Asia and the rest of the world.  Stimulating without being very demanding on energy cost, I'm finding, so far.  A good move.
Anything that adds interest without too much drain is very welcome indeed.  I'd almost say refreshing, which it is for my mind, but nothing beats lying horizontal in quiet stillness for the whole of me.  This can involve not listening to music or Radio 4, such sort of drifting past, not really attended to.
It masks the tinnitus, somewhat: a positive effect, if not really what the composers or broadcasters were aiming for.
"Collateral benefit", perhaps.

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