Sunday 30 September 2012


Spotting the difference is actually quite tricky if I'm not careful: no different mealtimes or activities, no weekend sports or social events to be a marker. 
Perhaps I should invest in a different set of lounging gear for Saturdays and Sundays... Weekend dressing down, or up?
(Sheesh, what would "down" involve? )

I've not lost track of the days so far, but I'm sure I will at some point.  It's got to be almost inevitable in this not-quite walled-in existence.
Sundays is "order the weekly shopping" day.
Monday evening is "prepare rubbish for collection."
Tuesdays is "groceries delivered " day.
Wednesday is normally the morning my cleaner comes, and I crash out alternate weeks on my bed and in the lounge, to free up each in turn.

Thus the regular events.   And that's about it.  No regular visitors, unless you count the postman.
"Visitors" is odd.   I could do with just a touch of a break from my solitary confinement, but it's almost impossible to keep the contact brief enough to be other than seriously draining, costing the rest of the day or more.  Even trying to explain that to folk takes me well over budget for a sensible contact time
My board-game collection is gathering dust.

Never mind.  "That which is, is." Charles Fort.
And I do appear to be on-schedule for my Halloween window display, and getting the big Christmas present finished and posted off to New Zealand for my brother's children.   With a snail's work-rate, the pacing for these sorts of things has to be worked out a long way ahead.

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  1. I play this on facebook but it works equally well without. Basically scrabble, and I'm always looking for new opponents. I don't think I'd beat you and would like the challenge. I take a long time to play and there's often days between moves. Feel free to join me if you'd like, Rachel