Friday 21 September 2012

Here, little bunny...

During one of my many rest periods my brain floated to other people not understanding CFS, as seems to be a frequent complaint judging from support group messages, and the various illustrations that have been used to try and get this across, from "spoon theory" to "the opposite batteries from the Duracell bunny".
The latter made me wonder about taking a Duracell bunny of some kind, and making a CFS bunny of it.

A very little bit of research gave me the "bunny at the end of its rope" (tether?) in this ad.

And while eBay showed me that some Duracell/Energizer (US) bunnies are incredibly collectable and expensive, I did find this small one at under £3 including postage.

Tempting even if, as ever, my inner energy budget is looking at me disapprovingly over its half-moon spectacles.

Oh, to heck with it, I'm going to get a couple.
You've got to let the humour out to play at times, even if black and twisted.

Results soon?

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