Sunday 16 September 2012

I'm reviewing the situation...

"...Better settle down and get myself a wife."

Well, I think we can knock that one on the head, for starters.
No, more reviewing the period from here to Christmas in the light of what might laughingly be called my rate of activity.

So many demands on my time!

Autumn and winter coming, six weeks to Halloween, roughly.

The Sylvanian railway window display is not going to be ready before I need to have the Halloween one working.   And not so long after that the Christmas one, improved and working.

Therefore the Sylvanian one should go into abeyance, and Dracula's come out into the "working on" spot.  Now.
But how I'm going to manage being on traditional duty all Halloween evening I can't work out yet.
I'd HATE to duck, but if I don't that's going to cost.  Days.

The big present for New Zealand also needs work before posting.
That's probably enough on toys and trains.
The is some exterior work needed on the south wall, which I can't ask anyone to do, and I can't afford to pay to have done.

And then winter fuel: the smokeless coal and the logs and kindling for the stoves.
Last year I made that it in two separate days with the car, resting up after each.  It will easily cost me an entire week now, and not a comfortable week at that.   Delivery?   Not at a quick first look.

But I'll need at least one town/bank trip as well... some things can't be done on-line.  And another day or two's rest.

Putting that lot in sequence, the first task is making enough room in the garage for the Sylvanian railway and all the winter fuel.
A week?  Two?

Tearing into jobs with enthusiasm is not a viable option anymore.
And pacing means that's going to be a full life, for certain values of life, until Christmas.
I could have knocked the lot off in a couple of weeks, back in the elder days.

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