Sunday 2 September 2012

Plans, not even well-laid.

I had some unexpected visitors today, for half an hour or so
Ex-neighbours who moved north at the end of last year for better jobs.
If t was good to see them, but it's wrecked my activity/rest plan for today, and tomorrow: 
I've got to find around 3-4 hours extra rest to balance things out.

And that's not just to make the schedule come out right on paper.
I'm feeling it. Forty minutes, low stress, with friends.
More than I can budget for, cope with,  on any regularity or frequency.

I'll scribble a bit while resting tomorrow morning, juggling the "have to do" things, so it's not all boring necessities.  A little bit of cliff and plasticine work, I think, somewhere.
(Subject to phone calls, visitors or meteor strikes)

My mood continues at least stable, edging towards positive.
I at least know what I'm trying to do or not do.
Yes, I could do with someone to give me hugs, or mop my fevered brow, but it's clear that company, never mind a girlfriend, would be liable to be a disaster.  
I'd go straight into attempting reciprocal "doing", which is just not on in my current situation.

At least my parents understand that, as we've had the first tentative discussions about Christmas, and it being OK to leave me alone and for them (possibly) to go to New Zealand.
I go by my Bruce Bairnsfather.  It's not a brilliant 'ole I'm in, 
but in lieu of a better one being visible and accessible I've got nothing too much to whinge about.

I can think of much worse holes I might be in.

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