Thursday 6 September 2012

Visitors, a CFS marathon.

Two lots of visitors due tomorrow, so absolutely minimum necessary activity today, ensuring I am as fatigue free as possible.

Didn't wash, for instance.  A wash and shave will be required tomorrow, of course. (1 hour.)
Breakfast, dress. (1 hour)
Early in the morning, a couple of people are coming to do some tree surgery: strictly my neighbour's tree, but parts of it are more accessible from my garden.  Five minutes of admitting and conversation?  (1 hour)

My, how the hours just fly by.

The bigger demand will come in the afternoon: a neighbour has asked if some visiting children can see some trains running in my garden, as they loved it so much last time.

A test loco did manage to get round the main-line this afternoon, so I should be able to have a couple running.  With about fifteen minutes work.  (3 hours)
And if they are not here too long, say ten minutes (2 hours)
and allow for lunch and supper, going up and down stairs two or three times, say (3 hours), and looking at this computer for ten minute's worth. (2 hours?)

If I keep track of that carefully, it may show if I can actually average five minutes in the hour without payback.

I have a suspicion, now, that I can't, and that I've got a bit worse.
But this shouldn't be a ridiculously over-the top test.

And since the nearest person I have to a guru, Mr Rowland Emett, when  asked about the final product of his work, said it was "to put the smallest smile in the face of the beholder", I like to think the same, and it's worth putting some effort in that direction.

I mean, if I can't even make a few people smile occasionally, justifying why I continue to take up space gets more tricky.
And to avoid confusion, that thought comes half-seriously.


  1. Good luck! Due to a severe lack of small people (nursery and school, not incredibly bad parenting), I have been able to make the trek into town. They do adult onsies in Primark, I was wondering how your quest was going for them? I think they are all styled like enormous animals and are tremendous. Can make similar trek and post to Cornwall if required.

  2. Onsies rather filed as an idea till winter: I'm tending to just wear oversize sweaters and joggers. I though it might be fun to have Skype conversations while dressed up, but I'm rarely finding the energy for Skype, currently.
    Also add in that the Japanese/Chinese idea of "large" doesn't get anywhere near my idea of large!
    I 've got some really good camouflage gear, but I can't find it.

    I may go cosplay and get a Star Wars robe or a Bleach Kimono as a Christmas treat. We'll see how mood and energy develops.
    "It's the madness that keeps him sane."


  3. Your absence on Skyps has already been noted. Understood too. Hope this link works: