Monday 24 September 2012

Pace, pace, pace...

Slow and steady.  It's got to be the way.
Even if it is for a long, long haul.
And it's going to be a month or more before I see my occupational therapist again: she was due today, but is ill!

I invested in a serious bathroom session today: soak, shower, trim hair and beard... That was half the day taken care of with appropriate rest.

Later a few minutes part-preparing one of my multifuel stoves for the autumn/winter.  Some more five-minute sessions required there.
I haven't yet worked out how to stock up on fuel though and, rather amusingly, I think keeping the stove fed could come close to using up my activity allowance while it's burning!

But to report a little progress on something not at all essential,
conversion work has started on producing a Chronic Fatigue Syndrome bunny:

Original on right of picture, flaked-out one on left.  
Dr Frankenstein strikes again.

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