Thursday 20 September 2012

Completely drained of blood...

I woke up this morning,(after a better-than average sleep), not drained of blood because I'd all unwittingly moved Dracula in yesterday with his model, but with a level and type of sensation I've not met before.
No aches and pains or fatigue as from a feeling of tiredness or overuse, but simply a state as though my muscles were very largely not there, or were not responding.  Making breakfast was an incredible effort.

(I go at least that far, as a rule: some of these early morning effects don't last.  Some do.)

No great problem, one might suppose, given the unsullied snowfield that is my appointments diary. Unfortunately it wasn't quite as simple as that, as in addition my brain was refusing to shut down, having locked in to some unusual "high awareness" state.
No just drifting of to sleep or half-sleep.
Lots of half-listening to the radio, then: about all I could do.
The "high alert" feeling in the brain was not matched by any enhanced clarity of thought.
This from about 7am, and it was still present, though fading, at lunch time, after which it turned into the body demanding a real sleep rest.
That I could cope with and was a relief.

The image I have, though I know it wonlt mean much to many, is of a small DC motor fed AC current.  It's very live, but it just vaguely twitches, unable to do anything.

I don't want that experience again in a hurry, though I realise I may not have much say in the matter.

I'm still not quite done with it, or its after-effects: my typing here has been much worse than usual, and taken a lot more correcting.

Being drained of blood might be simpler.
You called, Master?

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