Saturday 15 September 2012

Another preja vu. For Friday 14th

A usage from Terry Pratchett?
"A sudden feeling that you are going to be here again in the future."

In this case preja and deja: I've overdone it, and it now feels as though I'm wearing a barbed wire shawl around my shoulders.
(I'm typing this with my elbows against my sides, and movement from there on down, only.)

The usual trap: feeling a bit better and, pushed by the so many things I want to do, doing a bit too much of the things that need doing.
and paying for it.

An unusual posture too, didn't help.  Just checking one of my two stoves  to make sure it was clean and sound for the winter: a bit more ash in the wrong places than I expected and a plate removable for cleaning that didn't want to budge.

As per usual with CFS, the warming bell alerting you that you have done enough didn't go off.  And with my Asperger's if I'm concentrating on one thing, I can so easily forget how long I've been doing it.

More discipline required with the little cooking timer.
I bet I'm going to tell myself that again in the future, too.

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