Wednesday 19 September 2012

Enter, Dracula...

One railway swap was accomplished today at least, and a few weeds pulled in the garden, but this morning I was *still* feeling the effects of that one wretched tablet.
One more "emergency only" option noted.

So, the Sylvanians are on hold and the Transylvanian is back,  with three weeks or so to get the Halloween line working reliably.
Preferably with a little added horror compared to last year.
(there's something of an arms race about this: each year a "better" performance is expected.  In about fifteen years there will be nothing for it but to nuke the village.)

And I do have an idea or two for a really low-impact participation in the delivery of sweets and scares, involving small remote-control winches. If not excessive in time and effort to *set up*, it may fit my requirements.  Plus, it will be new.

Christmas looks like being settled, with my parents joining my brother and family in New Zealand, and me on my own here in the UK.
No, it's not ideal, but falls under the "better 'ole" consideration.  I can't think of a better move, or we'd try it.
The Asperger's does mean I'm relatively well set-up for coping alone.
Those with CFS with a large and active family all around them are likely to have extra difficulties.

Meanwhile I must check if the demon engine is still working reliably, and see if Dracula rises from his coffin correctly: or whether work on the undead is required by the half-dead.

Bite me!

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