Saturday 1 September 2012

Back on track.

Provisionally, anyway.
Or tentatively, which is not quite the same thing.

A day going to plan where 9% active and 91% resting worked, and allowed a few things to get done without excessive fatigue either preventing the 9% or showing up in the 91%.
It's not exactly working like a navvy, or sixteen to the dozen.
(A term originally applied to a steam engine considered to be working  efficiently, rather than at frantic pace.)

A good wash and shower, and a little productive work on indoor railway projects:
three pieces of cliff cut to size and spray-painted.
One purple station-master's waistcoat fitted to Sylvanian bear.
One driver's cap shaped and fitted to smaller bear.

It's not exactly a blitzkrieg advance, more creeping by millimetres,
but I'll settle for that over the struggling to simply hold the line by getting through the day, as it has been lately without anything measurable being achieved apart from that.
"Well, we're still here."

Maybe a few more bits of cliff tomorrow.  Yes, this is the trivial.
Take it as training exercises, perhaps.  The bigger stuff comes later, an' all goes well.  Going cautiously.
If the weather holds a few ferns and dandelions may die.
But no trumpets calling the charge, if you please.

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