Friday 28 September 2012

Friday is not cancelled. Willy-nilly.

Days turn up, ready or not.
"creeps in this petty pace from day to day" as Shakespeare gave Macbeth to say (he having a bad day, month, year...)

It's odd.  Some times it doesn't seem to be a petty pace at all.
Prepare breakfast, eat breakfast, wash, dress (after a fashion), check the morning's emails and support group messages, taken with the appropriate and required extensive rest periods, and that's the morning gone.  Just like that.

On a good day I can open Skype to see if my family or one of my few other friend contacts is on-line for a brief chat...  but that is only on a good day currently: I was a little better a few weeks ago, and now it's evidence that I'm a little more tired than the coping level I'm aiming for.   I must think on that, and possibly work a bit more (more?) rest into my routine until I'm more certain I'm stable.  Are my duff batteries becoming more duff?   I have at least plenty of opportunity to consider this, when in horizontal mode.

And I'm not going to get excited or anxious about the idea.
"That which is, is." (Charles Fort)
And anyway both responses are high-energy luxuries I can't really afford.

Maybe shape a few bits of balsa and plasticard tomorrow: I still have the Halloween window display to get into shape, in five-minute bursts.

Not exactly a five-year plan, but it'll do for now.

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