Saturday 1 September 2012

Returning to normal?

Only for certain values of normal, obviously.

"Normal" is a very variable concept, capable of use and misuse, and hanging very much on the sample being considered.

I'm not at all near normal for an "average human being", but then neither is an Olympic athlete.  Though pretty much for polar opposite reasons.
But I am definitely getting closer to the pattern of coping, and energy expenditure and management that I've come to consider normal for the past two or three months with my CFS.
Which is something, given the past week and a bit.

And as before, the next step is not to bet too strongly that I am back to my normal.  "Careful, it could be a trap" is somewhere I've been before.  And probably will end up again and and again.  This is going to be a long campaign, and I'm still really only getting a base camp sorted out and something like secure.
Well, secure for an earthquake zone.
"Anything can happen in the next half-hour"

Easily that quickly, thinking about it.  One phone call, visitor or significant domestic crisis could push me completely into the red as far as energy resources go.
But since there's no planning to cope with that, I shan't bother and thus save that bit of energy.  
Job done, or neatly and deliberately left un-done, as anxiety is far too much bother and effort.

"It's the end of the world!!"
"Wake me when it's over."

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