Thursday 30 August 2012

On not watching the Paralympics...

Well, not yet anyway.
I got as far as inspecting the available coverage, and noting some of the events I will want to watch, mainly the less-mainstream, if C4 actually cover them (the online availability appears as nothing, compared to what the BBC managed to deliver.)
But then the headache and dizziness set in and I was set for another essentially horizontal day, and television was not a preferred activity whatever was on.

Looking back, it's really not been a good week!
Never mind, no pressure, no records to break, and "personal bests" at the moment are more in the area of "coping", and maintaining good cheer in adverse conditions.
Without the shouting, flag-waving crowds for encouragement.

"Hold until relieved", as Major Howard's orders gave it.
I don't think they specified "and look happy while you're doing it."
That would have been a bit much, all things considered.

Tiny increments of ground gained?
A brown bear got a boilersuit, and I did use my marbles time-keeper correctly.
That really was about it.  Hmm.

Let's see if I can make a couple of engine driver's hats tomorrow.
Or some such tiny marker to prove the day actually happened.

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