Sunday 26 August 2012

Not... quite... there.

It's a slow game, this recovery from a visitor.
Good job I was never part of a busy social whirl in the first place.

No visitors planned for this week at all, barring deliveries, and I'll see my cleaner for a few minutes: I pick one room and crash out in it while she's here.  Staying around to talk, or help, is just not on.
Not what I wish, but what is.  Reality is trumps.

But if little unexpected is expected,
(Remember to allow for the unknown unknowns, as far as possible),
this may be a good week for being very orderly about routine, rest and activity.
With the help of one or two or three novelties, perhaps.
My occupational therapist suggested using markers to help keep track of my activity spend, and I've put something together a bit more attractive and less likely to be forgotten than a piece of paper with marks on it:

Six used, somewhere near lunchtime.

The trick is going to be using it enough that it becomes routine.  Otherwise remembering  it, and counting up, is going to be a chore.
And sooner or later start getting left undone.
Ah, well, the experiment will tell, one way or the other.

I may also have found some ultralight activities to help with resting.
The adding Plasticine to Sylvanian figures is actually very low stress.  No glue, and easy enough to correct anything that doesn't look right.

I've also found a small second-hand peg-board with pieces so I can have a play with inventing different forms of solitaire.
No hard concentration and calculation, just "toying".
What else are toys for?
(He said, having a slight dig at collectors who take it all far too seriously.  A toy that has never been played with is a sad sight to me, not a marvel.)

I'm not sure you'd quite call that a plan for the week, but it will do.
A bit of me will perform it, while as usual, a bit of me watches and makes notes.

Let's see how it goes, with very small steps.

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