Saturday 25 August 2012

Are we nearly there. yet?

Better today, but still not quite back to the pretty reliable five minutes of activity in every hour, which was the norm at the beginning of this week.

But meanwhile, just some hints of movement, or life.
Mad life, some of it, but that's what helps keep me sane.
It could be dangerous to take this situation too seriously.

From yesterday: "and heresy or just possibly an abomination committed on a Sylvanian families rabbit."

Oh yes.  And pictures taken and and an e-mail discretely sent to find out just how much of an anathema I have created.

Working on a plan for a small window-display railway, and needing to do this more lazily if I was going to do it at all, it struck me that the size of figures I needed would fit quite well with the Sylvanian Families range, and having checked that used figures and indeed some battered and broken buildings were available very cheaply on eBay I have proceeded with this idea. It's not finished yet, progress being very slow for the obvious reasons.
However, and this is where I may have turned evil in the eyes of Sylvanian fans, I needed a couple of engine drivers and, having made an attempt, I cannot in fabric produce such dressed as I want.

I know my skills, however, and found another way.
Another however, however: doing a few google searches, I cannot find anyone else who has done what I just have, and I am now wondering if I have crossed the line and gone where no true Sylvanian families fan would ever go.
It's just that I thought some one other person, at least, would have done it first... ...or are plasticine clothes anathema?

No longer a naked rabbit, as acquired:

(I have just sent a discrete e-mail to the owner of a Sylvanian Families website, to gather an opinion.  I await a mob with torches.)

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