Friday 24 August 2012

Go with the flow...

It's got to be more like judo than boxing.

And I'm still not back to par from my visitor on Wednesday, so it's a matter of going with that. 
The day really didn't start until about eleven o'clock: not so much pain this time as distinct dizziness and lack of coordination.  This thing is so variable!
Any plans or ideas have to be made "wind and weather permitting", and with the equivalent of dodgy weather forecasting, to boot.

What is inevitably going to provoke a reaction is getting more predictable, (subject to the rules changing once again) and this current example of the consequences of seventy minutes of solid conversation and concentration has added more information to that.
Call it progress, in a "mapping the territory" sort of way.
That's positive spin I can live with.

Things done?  Still not much, inevitably.
A very few posts to the CFS group, a model railway query answered,
and heresy or just possibly an abomination committed on a Sylvanian families rabbit.
Well, one has to grab fun where you can find it, and this could be done lying down and with very little physical effort.

The police can't touch me for it, but I might get lynched by Sylvanian collectors if they find out.  Which tempts me to declare my vile act, and see what the reaction is.
Photos in the Sun in a few day's time?
Probably not, but I may post them here.

It's the little things that cheer you up and keep you going, and from an idea found in Neil Gaiman's Sandman:
"It's the madness that keeps him sane."

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