Saturday 4 August 2012

I've had this deja vue before.

A day suspiciously like some others.
Not too surprising, and the will be more.  My menu of things to do and see is not that extensive.
No, I'm not going to be thinking "Groundhog Day" any time soon: food disappears from the fridge and cupboards, for example, and goes off if I don't keep myself reasonably organised.
One more item to eat into "activity" time, every day or so.  These little things didn't really come over the horizon in more normal days, being taken  "in passing", but thought and planning comes with a definite cost, now.

And what do I do?  Think.  And think about thinking.  And at least one  level higher than that which can start a tricky spiral if an escape clause cannot be found.
This used to be recreational, and fun, but is now is best avoided,along with other excessively demanding activities.
Except if trying to rest and be generally inactive, physically, this leaves a massive gap for my brain to start gearing itself up to think, lest it get bored.
The normal escapes from deep thought aren't readily available: sport, for instance, or most computer games, or reading...  ruled out by being themselves too active and demanding either physically or visually.

A tightrope to be walked, without putting too much effort into it.
(This working on a budget creeps in everywhere!)
So far I've found a couple of old, slow, simple computers games that serve quite well.   And the marble solitaire, and certain carefully selected bits of model railway work, mainly the mad stuff which avoids the problem of obtaining precision or requiring great concentration.
Some radio listening, though that can fall off the tightrope on either side and become too demanding or not sufficiently distracting.

A few more items to go on the "things to do which don't quite amount to doing things" menu would be nice.
Or I can look forward to a lot more deja vue.

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