Thursday 9 August 2012

"I can resist anything except temptation"

Doing, done, overdone...

I was tempted by the positive change in the weather, and some lavender plug plants arriving in the post.
And a wanted to see a train running in the garden.

So I put in some "five minute" sessions which were a bit more than that, even if I did my very best to rest between them.
I can feel the "burning  weight" in my arms now, after 30 minutes of  gentle effort spaced out over the length of a whole day.

And I'll be paying for that tomorrow, and perhaps Saturday as well.
My fault, no-one-else to blame.
But it just tells me what the sensible bit of me already knew: enthusiasm and optimism gets you into trouble, with CFS.
The wrong sort of positive attitude is positively dangerous.

Positive as in not giving in to depression or despair... that's fine.
Positive as in "can do", "she'll be fine, no worries"... that's a distinct wrong call. Unchecked optimism as a trap.

More self control, more discipline.  More steady, cautious pace.
Undisciplined enthusiasm in some of his troops cost Harold the battle of Hastings, his crown and his life.

I knew this.  Tomorrow I'll have the lesson rubbed in.

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