Tuesday 28 August 2012

It is Monday 27th August. Here is the news.

There isn't any.

Monday essentially did not happen.
Having not slept well for a couple of nights, I took a sleeping tablet, prescribed for such occasions.  Or rather I took half the prescribed amount.

Not only did I get a good night's sleep, I got most of a good day's sleep as well, was incapable of doing any real activity and at nearly noon on Tuesday I'm still feeling the effects.
(You are seeing this text after three clean-ups.)

It's a different sort of "call to the horizontal" from my usual CFS fatigue, though I decline trying to put the difference into words.

I won't be doing that too often, though I'm going to come out of it all quite well-placed.
It's an odd thing: I've tried a range, via my doctor, and finding a medication and dosage that will give me reliable sleep without doping me for the rest of the day has proven a very difficult quest.

But quirky reactions to medication are a feature of both Asperger's and ME, so I'm not dreadfully surprised.  Been there with anaesthetics, too.

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