Wednesday 29 August 2012

Today my house was cleaned.

Except my bedroom.
I knew little about it since after welcoming my cleaner in I retired to said room and was dead to the world within about five minutes, only waking up some time after she had gone.

Not a lifestyle for a thrill-seeker, this.
No model railways work or DIY or gardening achieved today.
I'm pretty certain today actually happened...
...Yes, the kitchen is tidier.

And now the paralympics are starting.
There will be some events worth watching, and I admire the whole aim.
Just feeling a little left-behind, with nothing in the listings I could compete at.  Not even the Boccia, currently.

And while there is a plan for people to protest at ATOS being a sponsor of the paralympics, there is some very mixed irony in my Atos medical passing me 100% for for work while I'm absolutely incapable of getting there to protest the unfairness and idiocy of their procedures.

Bizarre.  Is there a sane world out there somewhere?

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