Sunday 5 August 2012

Watching the Olympics

I've not watched that much of London 2012, firstly because sports have never been a big thing for me, and secondly because under my current regime, determined more by experiment than by dogmatic imposition, watching TV counts as an "activity" and is under ration, although it is one of the "stretched" activities which don't have to obey the strict five-minute rule.
Unless fatigue symptoms say otherwise (and not infrequently they do) even a whole football match may be possible viewing.
To be honest "watching football" can mean only looking at the screen when the commentator starts to sound more excited: it works.

Some incredible athletes.  A marker for what the human body can be capable of.  
No, I'm not hitting notes of envy, or sour grapes.  Seriously, as far as self-examination holds good.
But as I am, now, I couldn't walk from the changing rooms to the podium and stand on it for three national anthems without suffering badly for the next several days.
That's without doing any event at all.

I couldn't even get to the paralympics to spectate.

Wow, there are some different worlds out there.
It's not surprising some people mainly located in one find some people in some others difficult to understand.  Common experiences and viewpoints help.

Than goodness for internet support groups, where some of us rarities can make  contact.   Otherwise we'd feel even more isolated, and odd.
I just have to make sure I don't overdo it, even there.
Where's my snail lifestyle coach?

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