Tuesday 7 August 2012

Or perhaps not start at all.

My body (or if it's all in my mind, my mind) really didn't want to start this morning.
And it's not as though there was a difficult meeting with my boss, or a classroom full of noisy kids, or a long stressful commute or (insert your personal nightmare here) looming on the horizon, giving me some sort of cause to wish to avoid facing the day.

Just me and my body, and my mind, and the day: currently more than enough hard work.
So, I've fallen slightly further behind on my e-mails, distinctly further behind in the garden (the plants love this weather), and done exceedingly little.  Receiving my week's groceries was the highlight and heaviest workload.
Putting them away was a two-session job, so two hours, including rest, well used up.

I soldered a couple of wires on a defective model locomotive, put a spray varnish coat on a model car heading for my niece and nephews in New Zealand, and chopped a couple of pieces of urethane foam to size, for what I plan to turn into a little window display railway, if I don't grind to a complete halt.
(there's no need to plan for that, because if it happens there'll be nothing *I* have to do about it: one of those self-solving problems!)

The day went by pretty quickly, actually, apart from when the aches and weakness were calling too much attention to themselves.
Most of it, including those times, spent horizontal.

Some other little things done and not done, and thought about.

But, overall, I did so well that I'm going to be allowed to do it again tomorrow.
I don't think you get a medal for that.
Or even "mentioned in despatches", unless you do it yourself.

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