Wednesday 26 September 2012

On not being a Duracell bunny...

Highlight of the day.
My "quick and dirty" physical illustration of CFS has got to primary completion, and first photograph:

"Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ ME
When you are not a Duracell bunny any more, 
and the duff batteries your body now has 
won't even recharge properly."

I may add text to the photos, or add a sign with text behind the bunnies.  I could do both, if I do it in order.  I will have a think during one or more of tomorrow's rest periods, when not actually asleep.
Unless my subconscious settles it while I am asleep.

Hmm. Who's "I" that's busy when "I" am asleep?
"I" is complicated.  A "Not tonight, Josephine", for that question.

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