Thursday 11 October 2012

Definitely a bad feeling about this...

I'm not winning this little passive fight at the moment, trying to out-rest my fatigue.  I just don't seem to be able to rest enough to get back to where I was even a month ago.

Maybe it's a blip, or a bug that's that's giving me a bit of extra load, or subtracting a little more energy than usual.  My doctor's aware, and the county ME service, even though my own occupational therapist is out of action until early in November.

What else to do?  I don't see anything better than digging in, maybe cursing a little, or indulging in some black humour, and carrying on.

Ham and Jam time?
"Hold until relieved, hold until relieved."

That sounds about right.  I have food, water, heat...
(must check oil tank level)

Dig in and wait for Lord Lovat's Commando.
Or a phone call from my GP, at least.
A different sort of battle.  But real close-quarter fighting.

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