Saturday 13 October 2012

Let's stay in this trench for a while.

Options of moving to another trench or digging a fresh one really don't appeal or seem practical.

Here I am and here I stay.   Let's not focus on aches, pains and fatigue... file that under "background", for now.  Take such as read.

(But apart from that, Mrs Lincoln, how did you enjoy the play?)

Today, other wise, then: my plans for the Christmas present for New Zealand have progressed well.  The time invested in experimenting with new materials has paid off in a much easier task.  (Rommel's dictum)

My brother has three children:  

So "My First Driving School" as above now has an extra radio control car on a third frequency and and extra crossover intersection and corner.  The only one in the world.

I should be able to get that posted of next week, one big job out of the way.  (I'd actually intended to give it *last* year, but my capacities were already slipping, throwing timetables off.)

Now, to get the Halloween train running.  It's passed all major checks.  it shouldn't take too many five-minute sessions to get the spiders and scorpions operational.
I still haven't worked out how to survive Halloween itself without taking a big hit... that's something for cogitation in the rest periods.  There's got to be a lazy way of doing this.

I'm not ducking out, though.  That's a policy decision.  

Anything serious on the horizon?   Waiting to hear from my doctor, Christmas has been settled as solitary...  No big moves or decisions to be made just for now.  Subject to surprises.  A holding action.

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