Monday 15 October 2012

Trains, and coal.

The nearest thing I have to a guru, Mr Rowland Emett, (artist) was once asked what was the purpose, the final product, of his work.
"To bring the smallest smile to the eye of the beholder," he replied.

I can understand that.
From one of the last model railway exhibitions I was able to do:

Yes, I let the public drive the trains.   Children, as here, if they could get their dads to hand over the controllers.

And today I saw the grinning faces of two children at my kitchen window, looking at the little model railway I currently have there.
(I still need to get that Halloween one refurbished)
Their mum read the caption on my CFS Bunny model.

That's what it's all about as far as I'm concerned and that's going to last me several days, at least, outweighing any negative symptoms.  If I keep it in mind it could last me a lot longer.

Thus the trains (which do not run on coal).
The coal was me refilling two coal scuttles, one for each on my stoves.
Yes, do-able.  It hurt.  And I needed about two hour's rest to recover.

So it should have been one coal cuttle and rest, then the other.
Talk about "bitesize"!
A full scuttle, plus a dozen logs provides about a day's fuel for a stove.
But given I don't really get as far as having long periods in the kitchen or lounge in the mornings now, I don't think a stove will get lit until after lunch, and I don't normally have both on...

I think this could be manageable, if allowed for carefully.  It's just a matter of giving thought to something that previously hardly needed it.
Stocking and topping-up the stove was just something done "in passing" on the way to the next "proper" activity.   No longer.  Real activities in their own right .

"Do you have a hobby?" "Keeping the fire going."

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