Friday 5 October 2012

For Thursday: Drop the Dead Donkey.

Or in this case, a daily blog post...  Still a bit jelly-legged from too much optimism based activity, a good proportion of my winter fuel arrived today: bags of Maxibrite ovals and nets of logs. The delivery man was very helpful but getting them stowed away took me well over my planned energy budget.

Two years ago I went a fetched them and loaded and unloaded my car without thinking about it.  Last year I spread the trips out and got help with the loading, and unloaded in stages.
This year, there was no question of fetching supplies myself:
"Bring me pine logs hither" it was.  With a delivery charge.
One little extra cost that this illness brings.
As far as the flesh and wine goes, Tesco supply the necessary, though I rarely drink alcohol.

If I ever get too fatigue affected to do my weekly on-line shop it will really be time to ring the alarm bell.

So, other activities sketched in for Thursday did not happen, being replaced by horizontal non-activities.  This to include the non-tapping-in of a blog post.
This is going to keep happening when there is just no spare capacity to match to unexpected demands.

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