Wednesday 27 June 2012

"Across the Wires..."

"Across the wires the electric message came:
'He is no better. He is much the same.'"

By Alfred Austin, and he should have been ashamed, but probably wasn't., as England's worst ever Poet Laureate.

"No change" is going to be the most common report, even if change for the better is most profoundly to be desired, and change for the worse currently more likely than that.
So it is still an alien and unfamiliar world in which I find myself, with rules to be discovered, and far from all of those written down*.
Having found myself navigating and negotiating an alien world for the whole of my life a new one is not perhaps so profound a shock as it might be to some. The "normal" world is pretty much that for someone with Asperger's syndrome.
But neither is going to go away or modify itself for my personal convenience anytime soon, so such have to be coped with even if they are not the worlds I would have picked. Or are incredibly frustrating.

Challenge for today: try to get used to the idea of having a cleaner.
I've never had one. With my particular Asperger's my home is very much my personal space, a secure shelter where can recharge from engaging with rest of the world. I can be (a bit) adventurous given a secure base. For me a shared house doesn't really provide that, as I found on the few occasions I tried such, of necessity. That's for one.
And I've always rather felt that one had to be rich, lazy or incredibly busy to have a cleaner: a not-well-examined thought now up for re-evaluation. I'd not really thought of chronic illness. Some adjustment to conscious values and unconscious feelings seem in order.
I'm definitely not rich, or lazy (though I know I could appear so to the uninformed, doing so little) and busy?
Oddly yes, incredibly so. In terms of things to do and resources available to do them.

Alien world indeed, Even if getting (horrifically?) familiar, being the same day by day...

*Unwritten rules for professions, customs, relationships etc. would be so much easier if they were down in black and white, but it might come as such a profound shock to have them dragged into the daylight that they would not long survive unaltered from their shadowy forms.

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  1. Good, cleaner is a brilliant idea. Can appreciate its a tough decision.