Thursday 14 June 2012

Walk like an Egyptian

Walk like an Egyptian.

Review of Wed: nothing much got done at all, except starting this blog. The wisdom and practicality of that awaits the verdict of the future.

Today starts with incredible familiarity.
Walking like an Egyptian.... well, like a mummy lurching around inside a pyramid, anyway.
Yes, the sense of humour is holding up, but I was very much struck at one point that I am now simply moving in a cycle through four rooms, (five with bathroom.)
As convoluted mazes go, a pretty small one.
Given the state of my symptoms I haven't been outside in two weeks, and it could easily hold for the next two or more.

This a very small world in which I find myself.  There's little point in taking a taxi and feeling dire somewhere else: it's cheaper at home.
At least with my Asperger's I have a fair range of "being alone" skills: CFS hitting someone with a lively social life would, I suspect, be having even more of a nightmare.  But the CFS is reinforcing my AS traits in some areas, or simply removing the possibility of making the effort to move closer to mainstream social expectations.  I'm used to stepping outside my comfort zone to let people stay in theirs (over eye contact, for instance) but that's less and less possible, now.
And expecting most folk to make a reciprocal move?   Largely a forlorn hope in my experience,  unfortunately.

Ah well.  If the world was perfect... but that's been dealt with.
Now for a couple of hours of rest, and some soldiering on.
Carry on Lurching.

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