Monday 25 June 2012

"I have a cunning plan."

Just as well, really, when getting up is no longer an event essentially noted in the passing but a project, and one with distinct phases to be allowed for and managed.

It appears as though getting up, at least for now, needs to be scheduled to take place across the majority of the morning.
Out of bed and bathroom phase 1.
Return to bed for at least half an hour for muscle relaxation and listening to radio.  Note that the end of the world hasn't happened here, yet.
Bathroom phase 2.  Let the shower do most of the work.
Dress sufficiently but easily so that if opening the front door one is only going to be in trouble with the style police.
More time horizontal until tackling the stairs and making breakfast seem like reasonable propositions....   And so on.

Actually getting anything done in a day, as opposed to getting through it, that rather comes under the heading of "luxury extra".
Except that without some measure of budgeting luxuries first, each day would merge indistinguishably into the next "in this petty pace from day to day, To the last syllable of recorded time."
Or feel a good bit like that, anyway.
This blog helps.  It's a low energy demand, I'm finding.  And is a little something different each day.

Optional extra today: put some plug plants in a couple of hanging baskets.  This afternoon, if it doesn't seem like a strain.
I'm going to lie down now, and think a little on the "minimal effort" plan to achieve that.  Very small scale logistics.
(The other low effort route of "throw money at it" and just buy in some new ready-planted hanging baskets is not an option.  With CFS that sort of budget is often very tight too.)

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