Sunday 24 June 2012

Thought For The Day...

... "Let's have a quiet one".
And then maybe another one of those.
If I can get enough rest I may eventually get ahead of the fatigue and start managing the energy/fatigue budget for the condition from credit, rather than, as it seems at present, continually having to play "catch-up".

But I have been doing less and less, demanding less of myself in terms of activity and effort.  To the point where the things I'm not doing would be a major cause of energy-sapping anger and frustration were I not managing a good degree of detachment and acceptance (with a twist of black humour).  Or am I?  Is it getting bottled in the subconscious?  I don't think so, but "I" is such a complicated concept.   Hmm.  That's for another time, perhaps, but not for tossing aside completely.

Meanwhile, the conclusion would be that I'm trying to hit a moving target: the line of sustainability that I'm trying to get under is dropping like a limbo pole.
OODA loops: I have to get inside my enemy's and move first.
I've been behind on orientation: "If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs, consider that you might not have fully appreciated the situation."

OK then. To outwit this enemy we must... do nothing.  Really nothing, or as near as we can get without going mad.
This will take some planning...   Without expending tons of energy on the planning, of course.
I'm not going to fall into that simple a trap.

A quiet day it is.

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