Wednesday 18 July 2012

"Because it's my birthday, and I wants it."

Nah, I'm not turning into Gollum, living a dark reclusive life, muttering endlessly over obsessions...
(Did someone mention model railways? Not an obsession, just an interest, honest.)

But it is my birthday.
It's been a quiet day, but I did get a Skype from my brother in New Zealand and a phone call from my mother.
I'm still a bit tired from my OT's visit on Monday* so I cancelled the dancing girls and the disco.

If you are only as old as you feel I've been up to 94 on a bad Monday morning.
I can still get down to about 8 on occasion.

Tomorrow the five minute rule is going to get markedly broken, of necessity.
I'm budgeting on feeling pretty awful on Friday and Saturday as payback.
We shall see, note and report.
A once-a-year thing I've not found a low energy way to work-around, even with the "throw money at it" option in play.

Anyway, apart from Dr Pangloss did any one *else* ever say the world was just perfect?

*One hour, not stressful, spent talking: two days to recover.
On more pointer to the reserves, or absence thereof, that I'm working with.

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